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January 20, 2022 3 min read 0 Comments


Finally, we can say goodbye to 2021. It was such a challenging year full of hardships for many. We are now looking towards 2022 and hope it will be full of amazing experiences, and bring back all the things we love and miss. Many people have getting healthy, losing weight, working out more, and taking up a new hobby on this year’s list… 

happy 2022!

On our list is traveling, seeing more of friends and family, and going back to see some live entertainment. And doing all those things is much better with fresh breath.

The new year also brings self reflections, and for many it’s a time to list the things we want to do better, habits we want to stop, or behaviors and activities we want to pick up. We all want to be healthier, happier and live more fulfilling and productive lives.  And I’m assuming all of us would love to avoid or get rid of bad breath.

We’ve rounded up a few of the top new year’s resolutions that also will ensure fresher breath. Let’s solve and treat bad breath in 2022 for a year full of laughter, confidence and special moments.

Resolution #1 that will help you get fresher breath: DRY JANUARY

Dry January Drink Water Instead


Many people decide to take a break from drinking, after the many holiday cheers and celebrations that occur right before the year. Alcoholic drinks can either dry out the mouth, or they contain lots and lots of sugar, or both. These 2 are detrimental to clean fresh breath because they both affect your oral microbiome negatively and the bacteria in your mouth will create odorous breath as a result. And Mouth Off is always there for you when you wonder or worry about having bad breath because we get rid of the bad breath causing molecules. 


Resolution #2 that will make sure you don’t get bad breath during the day: Cut out the SUGAR

Cut out the sugar for fresher breath


Dessert? Cookies? Ice-cream? We love them too! Sadly they will contribute to bad breath. When craving a sugary snack this month, eat an apple instead- it will do wonders for your breath, and won’t add extra pounds. So don’t feed the bacteria in your mouth with sugar; this will result in the bacteria creating malodor in the mouth (odorous molecules called sulfur compounds which are another way of saying bad breath). And if you have a cheat day, Mouth Off to get rid of bad breath.

Resolution #3 Scheduling regular visits to the dentist and other checkups

Make an apt with the dentist it's important for a healthy mouth

Skipped your annual checkup or dentist visit last year? Being healthy is top on most people’s resolution list this year and we should all make sure to go. A healthy mouth is part of your overall health so make it a priority! Not only is getting a cleaning and checked out part of a good oral care regimen, it also is a way to identify if you have any underlying issues that could be causing bad breath. While Mouth Off gets rid of odor in your breath, bad breath can be caused by an underlying issue such as tonsil stones or gum disease. Be sure to get checked out and talk to your dentist if you notice you have chronic bad breath!

We at Mouth Off wish you the most amazing and happy new year. We hope 2022 has great things waiting for you. And we hope you go get them with clean fresh breath.

happy new year from Mouth Off