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March 13, 2022 3 min read 0 Comments

Heading back to the office? Starting a new job? This is you time to impress!

And there is no better way to make a (lasting) bad impression than having bad breath...

Don't worry, we have the best kept secrets on how to prevent or get rid of bad breath at work...

First think to ask yourself is: Do you have bad breath at work? If the answer is no- are you sure about that? If the answer is yes, read on for solutions and tips.

One of the challenges of bad breath is, it's hard to self-detect... So don't risk it - make sure you get rid of it or prevent it. 

Avoid bad breath as work meetings

Bad breath is normal and you are not alone. Based on bad breath data, at least 1 in 3 people have it, so the odds are more people in your office than you would have imagined are facing .Many people have issues with bad breath at work. In this article, we will discuss some tips on how to prevent bad breath at work, and if you think you have it, how to deal with bad breath at work (get clean fresh breath).

Step 1: Identify what could be Causing of Your Bad Breath at work

Identify what could be causing bad breath

Did you forget to brush your teeth this morning? How many cups of coffee did you have? What's for lunch (and what did you have for breakfast or a snack)? Remember to drink water?

If you have bad breath, it usually either because of something you're eating or drinking or it's due to an oral care situation or condition. To get rid of or avoid bad breath at work, try to identify the cause. Then we can work on fixing it.

Step 2: Avoid sugary food or drinks

Stay away from sugary snacks or drinks to avoid bad breath at work

Bad breath is often caused by eating or drinking too much sugary or acidic foods or drinks. These will feed the bacteria in your mouth, which will release odorous molecules (sulfur compounds). These bad breath molecules are what causes the breath to smell. To avoid bad breath at work, try to avoid these types of foods and drinks. Sadly this includes soda, donuts or cookies, candy,

Step 3: Limit your coffee intake

Coffee can cause bad breath at work

If you're experiencing bad breath at work, limit how much coffee you drink. Coffee is a common culprit of bad breath, because of its acidity which dries out your mouth. This inhibits the creation of saliva, resulting in the perfect environment for the bacteria in your mouth to create bad breath molecules. A tip for coffee drinkers (we know it helps many get through the work day), is drink water after having your coffee.

Step 4: See a Dentist if bad breath at work never goes away

See a dentist if you have bad breath at work

If you notice you have chronic bad breath, and you have followed all the other steps, it could be a sign of a more serious oral care condition, such as tonsil stones, gum disease, etc. Go see your dentist and talk to them about the issue you're facing to identify whether there is an oral health issue that's to blame.

Step 5: Use Mouth Off to deal with bad breath at work

Chew Mouth Off at work to get rid of bad breath

Worried that you may have bad breath or sure of it? Chew a Mouth Off to either prevent or get rid of bad breath at work. Perfect as you walk into the office or meeting, after coffee, lunch or snacking. The best part is it works and delivers clean fresh breath in seconds and the benefits last for hours. Plus it's sugar-free (remember that sugar gives you bad breath), no artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors, and our dissolving formula is plant-based. Chew your way to confidence - we've got your breath covered.

Conclusion: Follow these tips to get rid of bad breath at work.  Removing the doubt or worry is worth it so you can focus on doing the job and feeling good while doing it. Enjoy the confidence boost and refreshed mouth after getting rid of your bad breath. 

If you want to better understand bad breath and what cases it read more here.