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March 17, 2022 3 min read 0 Comments

How confident do you feel today? The condition and health of your mouth and whether or not you have fresh breath may be to blame ...

We may not all be asking ourselves "does taking care of my mouth have a connection to my happiness?" but we all should if we want to increase our chances of feeling confidence- and as a side benefit, a happy health mouth usually also means fresh breath.

Most of us would love to feel more confident. If you are one of these people (we are for sure!), then make sure you are thinking about the health of your mouth, because it's not only been shown to have links to overall health, but also has been linked to  confidence as it impacts mood, including anxiety and stress levels.

2 men with big smiles and healthy mouths

The confidence that comes with a healthy mouth means more smiling, laughing and can be increased by good oral hygiene, which will result in fresh breath, healthy gums, and clean teeth, and reduce the causes of halitosis or bad breath.. 

Healthy mouth and overall health, plus fresh breath.

Did you know that that people who didn't take car of their oral health also increased the likelihood of having have poorer overall health? Also people with a healthy smile were more likely to feel happier, and have lower chances of halitosis. Research shows they also took better overall care of their bodies and many indicated they felt more confident.

Are you feeling confident about your mouth (which can mean a beautiful smile and fresh breath)?

The importance of feeling confident is evident in many aspects of our lives. It can help us feel more positive about ourselves, which can lead to better physical and emotional health. Feeling confident can also make it easier to take on challenges and achieve our goals. Having a healthy mouth and smile can impact how confident you feel, can help with fresh breath (and reducing bad breath), feelings of happiness and reduce stress.

Bad breath causes include oral care issues, food, drink, and poor oral hygiene. Bad breath, also called halitosis 

Focus on Oral Hygiene for Fresh Breath and Healthy Mouth Benefits

Section 1: What Causes Poor Oral Hygiene and Halitosis?
Poor oral hygiene can lead to a variety of problems, including bad breath, gum disease, and tooth decay. Poor oral hygiene can be caused by a number of factors, including not brushing your teeth enough, not flossing, smoking, and not going to see a dentists for regular visits and cleanings. These as well as bad eating habits can contribute to plaque buildup and other oral health conditions, of which the side effects are many and include increasing your chances of or causing halitosis and impacting fresh breath.

worried about bad breath

To read more about what is halitosis, what causes halitosis and what to do about it, read here.

Section 2: How to Improve Your Oral Hygiene?
A daily focus on oral hygiene is key to keeping your mouth healthy and preventing oral care issues and more serious health conditions. There are a few things you can do to improve your oral hygiene: brush with toothpaste and floss regularly and for the recommended amount of time (don't skip out on this), avoid alcohol-based mouthwashes, and avoid smoking and chewing tobacco, sugar and processed foods. Drink water regularly and often and focus on healthy eating. Don't skip your annual visits to the dentist.

Extra tip: A solution for fresh breath in seconds is to chew Mouth Off. Mouth Off doesn't just cover up odor causing molecules like other products, our formula will actually get rid of them in seconds, and the clean fresh breath benefit last for hours.

Mouth Off means clean fresh breath


Section 3: What are the Benefits of Good Oral Hygiene? Fresh breath, for one, but there are others.

The benefits of good oral hygiene are numerous. People who practice good oral hygiene habits have a reduced risk of developing gum disease, bad breath, and other dental problems. Who wants cavities and other issues that can not only require interventions, cause pain and other issues, but are usually also expensive to treat and fix?

Good oral hygiene can also improve confidence, reduce stress and anxiety. A beautiful smile is much more than a cosmetic or superficial feature, as it is often linked to mouth health and overall health. Plus healthy and happy mouths often are associated with fresh breath. 

Healthy mouth and beautiful smile

Conclusion: A confident healthy mouth is essential for confidence, happiness, and will also help avoid bad breath. For a more beautiful smile and fresh breath, a boost in confidence and an increased likelihood of feeling happy, make sure to focus on oral hygiene every day. Taking care of your mouth is the first step in taking care of your overall self. Now show us that big beautiful smile of yours :)